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A partnership of highly qualified, board-certified urologists practicing in the state of Florida

For doctors of medicine and surgery, see Medicine. In our dormitory, the title of D. is given mainly to doctors, even if they do not have a D. degree in medicine. You can sign up for a FREE trial lesson and ask your questions by calling the centers.

For 15 years, Dr. Bubnovsky's Center for Physical Rehabilitation and Kinesitherapy in Kaliningrad has been helping people with disabilities and diseases of the musculoskeletal system literally get on their feet.

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The peculiarity of the work lies in the use of the author's methodology of the doctor of medical sciences, the founder of modern kinesitherapy - one of the forms of physiotherapy exercises - Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky. The unique algorithm consists in motion therapy, when recovery is based directly on the patient's physical activity and the use of a system of correct and safe exercises on special simulators that help to achieve a positive treatment result.

A special role is played by the competent selection of individual complexes, depending on the picture of the disease and the physical condition of the patient. After undergoing myofascial diagnostics (assessment of the state of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus) and functional testing on rehabilitation simulators, the specialists of the Center draw up a treatment program.

This scheme helps to objectively assess the general condition, physical and volitional characteristics of the patient. Throughout the course of classes, the attending physician conducts routine examinations, and professional instructors who have passed mandatory certification at the Moscow Bubnovsky Center help with the exercises.


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What is Kinesitherapy? Kinesis-movement, terapia-treatment (lat.), A technique in which the patient himself participates in his recovery, using the influence of strength simulators of narrow-local, local and multifunctional action, and doctors draw up an individual treatment program taking into account concomitant diseases.

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It was then, working day and night in state clinics, that the understanding appeared that a doctor is not even a profession, it is a vocation. I wanted to create my own small center specializing in high-quality gynecological services. In addition, having already 20 years of experience behind us, we managed to form a team of like-minded professionals. So, in 2010, the first women's medical center, Doctor M, appeared!

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The founder and chief physician, Mosin Lev Nikolaevich, graduated in 1990 from the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy - the first higher medical institution in Russia for training class officials of the military department and military personnel of the medical service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. After that, he managed to work as an operating gynecologist at the Central City Clinical Hospital, the Road Clinical Hospital and the Emergency Hospital.

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We present you a new educational animated series for our little viewers, Doctor Mashinkova. The cartoon will tell us and show us how to behave on the road, about the rules of the road where the signs are included, as well as how not to do and where to go. Together with the main character, they will explain to us in detail about the observance of traffic rules and their consequences. Watch the cartoon "Doctor Mashinkova" on our website online.


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The meaning of the word Tablet according to Efremova: Tablet - 1. A thin plate - usually ivory - for recording smth. for memory. 2. A plate, a plate - usually made of baked clay - for writing. A small hard lozenge, a ball of compressed medicinal powder of a certain dosage.